Abaigeal Wright

Abaigeal Wright is a 2017 BFA photography graduate from Mansfield, Massachusetts. Her current body of work, “Vinegar” studies what it means for her to be female today in a world where we are both simultaneously encouraged and discouraged by society and our daily surroundings for adopting feminist ideals. Her goal is to capture this concept through depictions of hiding, interior spaces, and portraiture.
Abaigeal believes in expression as her outlet and wants to help others have accessibility to the same. This has led her to volunteer throughout college at the Boys and Girls Club, in the Earth Art Club.
Abaigeal’s work has been featured in numerous shows including; The Curated Fridge, Gallery 244, and the CVPA gallery. She is fluent in analog as well as digital and enjoys using both mediums.
She will be based on Block Island, Rhode Island for the summer where she will continue to explore and create more work.

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