Suzanne Steele

Suzanne was born in Stuart, Florida, and raised in Port St. Lucie, Florida for 21 years. She moved to Massachusetts in 2013 to start her educational career at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. While receiving her Associates of Arts degree from Indian River State College, she enrolled in art electives, where she quickly realized her passion for design. After researching programs and faculty members of various universities, she chose to take a leap of faith and move to New England. 
Her passion for design has reflected her passion for learning. She has learned to absorb information and criticism, and keep an open mind when new ideas are presented to her. Design has taught her that the world is not black and white. Instead, it has many colorful avenues waiting to be explored, which could lead to greater things. Her passion continues as she designs for others because she learns from each experience. Her excitement for learning will not end with a Bachelor’s degree. Suzanne has plans to further her education with a Master’s degree, and aspires to teach others in the exciting field of Graphic Design.

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