Emily King

Emily King is a freelance illustrator and designer from Braintree, Massachusetts and like all other artists, has been drawing her whole life. Emily used to draw on walls and furniture when there was no paper in her childhood home and has pursued that same drive to go to art school.  In grade school Emily used to love to draw cartoons, horses, and self portraits all the time. She would have her drawings and other art pieces displayed in local art shows in her town and had one of her pieces displayed in the Scholastic art show where she received an honorable mention. In her senior year of high school she suffered from a huge artist block after he dad died suddenly back in the same year. As a kid, Emily was inspired to draw from her cartoons she used to watch and the books she used to read as a kid such as Mary GrandPre's book cover illustrations of the Harry Potter series.  As she got older she became more inspired by the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings' sketch illustrations of  Alan Lee, the character and beast design sketches of the video game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim  and the impressionistic style of her Prisma Vision Tarot deck illustrated by James R. Eads. Over the past summer Emily worked at the Braintree Community Arts Center for her internship where she would help out running summer drawing programs for young children. For the future, Emily wants to illustrate children's fantasy books, design logos for small businesses in her town, or create 'How to Draw' drafting books to teach children how to draw animals or people.

Emily's Work Emily's Work