David Fleming

A gamer, a hobbyist, and a rising designer, David Fleming began his artistic pursuits during his days at Longmeadow High School focusing on sculpture and ceramics. When he came to UMass Dartmouth, David took an interest in the jewelry/metals program, but lost interest halfway through the year. He then turned to the graphic design program after peer comments on the use of graphics in his work. Since entering the design field, David has learned what it means to be a designer, numerous applications for design work, and assisted in several projects for the university. One of his peers turned David in the direction of the school’s Photographics Department, where he worked as a student employee during his time studying at UMass Dartmouth. David’s time spent there has given him an understanding of what the experience in the design field is like. Since then, David has participated in a number of projects for UMass Dartmouth, including diagrams for publications, event posters and signage, the Gaming Societies Power-Up charity event, and the Spring 2016 Commencement. Currently, David is preoccupied with his senior design project. The project is a wayfinding system for the freshmen dorms located at UMass Dartmouth, Components for this project consists of signage for each dorm building, navigation for finding said dorm buildings, as well as locating other university services within the freshmen quad. Additionally, David is looking to advance his career in the design field after he graduates.

Dani's Work