James Carpenter

James Carpenter is a Southern Massachusetts based graphic designer and photographer with a passion for solving problems visually. He has strong interests art direction, identity, and prop styling. By combining design and photography he communicates complex ideas that attempt to evoke thought and emotion. Aside from that, James also uses various printmaking techniques and is passionate about making hand-crafted work. When not designing you will find him with camera in hand and traveling to new locations.

Over his course at Umass Dartmouth James has worked as a freelance photographer and designer for large companies all over the United States and small business around New Bedford, Massachusetts. James has worked as a commercial photographer utilizing his own Instagram feed (@jamesscarpenter) while connecting with other companies such as GMC, Verizon Wireless, The Frye Company, and the Museum of Fine Arts. Locally, he has done design and photo work for Green Bean, Union Running, Farm & Coast Market, and Little Moss - all located in South Coast Massachusetts. 

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