Kelechi Amogu

Hi, I’m Kelechi Amogu, a Digital Media senior at UMass Dartmouth. I was born in Nigeria, moved to the U.S 5 years ago with my family, and seeing as I had already completed high school, the struggle to find a befitting career commenced. I had always played soccer, and I somehow got into the video gaming aspect of it and was intrigued at how the movements were captured perfectly, how the tactics were executed and how the flow of the game was so much like the real thing I was used to, so the ANIMATION DREAM was born. I ventured out to attain an Associates in GAMING/COMPUTER SIMULATION from Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown, MA. After that, I transferred to UMass Dartmouth because I heard of the high standard of teaching and how much the professors enjoyed interacting with students. The transition from my Associates to Digital Media was not as difficult as I thought and the professors have been great; Shawn Towne, Michael Swartz and Mark Millstein have been the best professors so far, helping me at every turn, through every struggle and I look forward to completing my Bachelors here after which I plan on attaining a Masters in Computer Animation.

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